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Headquartered in New York,  KI Realty Management has been affiliated with its subsidiary real estate entity in servicing properties in the contiguous United States. With satellite branches situated in close proximity to its hundreds of out of state properties, KI's regional managers are adept at maintaining stellar conditions, real time maintenance updates, proper communication, and profitable implementations across multifamily properties nationwide.

In our pursuit of delivering unparalleled property management services, we have developed a specialization in maximizing your revenue and optimizing profitability. At the core of our expertise lies a diligent focus on ensuring timely rent income and seamless rent collections.

We understand that a consistent and reliable cash flow is of utmost importance to landlords, as it directly impacts the financial viability of their investment. With this in mind, our dedicated team leaves no stone unturned in guaranteeing that rent payments are received promptly and efficiently.

To accomplish this, we employ a comprehensive approach that encompasses several key strategies. Firstly, we establish clear and transparent rental policies, ensuring that tenants are well-informed about their payment obligations from the onset. This helps to foster a sense of accountability and ensures that expectations are clearly communicated.

Additionally, we leverage cutting-edge technology and efficient systems to streamline the rent collection process. Through secure and convenient online payment portals, we make it effortless for tenants to submit their rent payments on time, reducing the likelihood of delays or missed payments.

In the rare instance that a tenant encounters financial difficulties, our team is well-versed in effective communication and negotiation techniques, enabling us to find mutually beneficial solutions that prioritize both the landlord's financial interests and the tenant's circumstances.

By focusing on maximizing your revenue through diligent rent income management, we aim to alleviate the stress and uncertainty often associated with property investments. Our expertise and dedication in this area serve as a solid foundation for building a thriving and financially prosperous rental portfolio.

KI Realty Management offers a variety of combined services for buyers, sellers, renters, and investors, that save our clients a large portion of the hassles and burdens of caring for, or prepping, their property to be sold or maintained. We educate the buyer/investor on how much he would be able to generate in rent, when and which renovations would affect rental income, and what their renovation cost would be, calculating their return based on all factors. We then handle the full renovations post-closing, saving time and money for our valued clients. Finally, we organize tenant placement and manage their properties. We also educate sellers about financially worthy renovations that would increase the value of their property.

Since the start of KI Realty, great effort has been put into strengthening and expanding the quality of services provided to our management and real estate clients. We specialize in condo management as well as single family housing, and can meet with board members as per your needs. Our services include accounting & bookkeeping with annual reports of financial statements provided. KI Realty was chosen by high end condo developments as their managing agents. We pride ourselves for our outstanding services, all done in a professional & efficient manner.

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